8 mei 2019, 09:30 - ?
Locatie: Academiegebouw Utrecht

Over the last decade, the Dutch government, businesses and knowledge institutes supported various delta regions in the global South through infrastructure projects, spatial development plans and strategic delta management frameworks. However, these delta projects do not always translate to real impacts on the ground and when they do, they can disproportionately impact vulnerable groups. In addition, limited data availability and short-term projections raise concerns as to the unforeseen impacts of delta interventions on land-water systems and the long-term sustainability of delta management strategies. Utrecht University, Deltares and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency plan to apply for NWA funding for a research program called ‘Dutch Diamonds in the Delta’ that will investigate pathways towards more inclusive and sustainable planning by the Dutch water sector in deltas in low- and middle income countries. Over the past months, this consortium developed a set of research questions that we are looking to further investigate in a NWA research project.

With the aim to build a stronger research consortium, Utrecht University, Deltares and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency organise a Matchmaking event in May 2019 for stakeholders working in the Dutch Water Sector. The objective of the event is twofold. First, to trigger the interest of members from the Dutch water sector to join the consortium. Second, to discuss experiences of different actors operating in the sector to further define the research questions and to ensure that a future proposal addresses questions that are relevant to Dutch stakeholders. The desired outcome of the event is therefore also twofold. First, we hope to build a stronger consortium that includes stakeholders across the knowledge chain in the Dutch water sector. Second, we hope to further align the proposal with the experiences and needs of stakeholders to identify opportunities for both academic and societal breakthroughs.

For questions please contact Dr. Marthe Derkzen: m.l.derkzen@uu.nl

Organisator: University of Utrecht