7 april 2020

Various Parties from Dutch and other European universities, biodesigners and biotech companies

The mycology field remains largely unexplored regarding beneficial properties of fungi. We aim to utilize these properties for more advanced biomaterials and novel eco-friendly products. A matchmaking event will be organized to bring together various Parties from universities, design and industry in order to establish new consortia. The desired outcome would be to accelerate innovative growth in the mycology field.

Therefore, the purpose of this matchmaking event is to attract all interested academic researchgroups, facilitating the inclusiveness within the NWA route(s), and private Parties. Each of these would contribute specific expertise (fungal, tissue engineering, biodesign, etc) to one or more (new) consortia aiming to develop novel fungi-derived products through interdisciplinary collaborations. These new consortia would aim to develop together joint research proposals to accelerate the innovative growth in the mycology field.

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Organisator: Rotterdam