14 februari 2019
Locatie: De Reehorst, Bennekomseweg 24, Ede

Researchers from four Dutch universities (WUR, UU, VU, UM) have recently initiated the ‘Nederlands Kenniscentrum Voedselbeleid’, an interdisciplinary centre for the production and dissemination of knowledge on food policy. The aim of this matchmaking event is to formally kick off this centre, together with potentially interested peers and societal stakeholders, and to set up a research project and a consortium for the NWA round 2019.

Whereas the precise contours of the project will be decided upon during the proposed meeting, our prime interest is to investigate integrated food system interventions. Current food systems face considerable challenges, e.g., related to environmental degradation, climate change, public health, and insecure livelihoods of people working in the food chain. Academics and societal stakeholders have propagated developing integrated approaches to deal with these challenges more effectively, but so far little research has been performed on what these integrated approaches entail and, most importantly, how they work out in practice. Moreover, research on integrated food system interventions has been fragmented, as it has been separated by disciplinary boundaries. Public health, environmental, and governance scholars have studied integrated approaches to specific food system challenges (e.g., studies of integrated food environment interventions, agricultural nature conservation, and integrated governance), but these insights have not yet resulted in an transdisciplinary food system approach nor a research agenda defining interdisciplinary challenges. This project aims to develop such an agenda by bringing together researchers and professionals from three domains: public health, environmental sciences, and governance. As such, it directly contributes to the NWA routes of ‘sustainable production of safe and healthy food’, ‘health care research, sickness prevention and treatment’, ‘towards resilient societies’, and ‘smart, liveable cities’. Although we are primarily interested in the Dutch food system and associated opportunities for improved governance, insights obtained are expected to bear relevance beyond the immediate Dutch context.

If you wish to visit the event, please fill in the registration form here. For more information, please contact Jeroen Candel: jeroen.candel@wur.nl or give him a bell at 0317 484240.

Organisator: Ede