20 april 2020

Heritage institutions hold many objects with heraldic devices in their (digital) collections. Ideally, these objects would be linked, using the device as the identifying element. Developing an image-based digital platform of heraldic devices would increase knowledge about heritage holdings, like the identification and understanding of objects in different collections as part of the same heraldic “family”. It would advance cooperation between heritage institutions and academics, through joint research projects and (digital) exhibitions.

This event will bring together heritage professionals from various museums, libraries, and archives in the Netherlands and abroad. Because of their (heraldic) collections, expertise, and possibilities for public outreach projects, they will be crucial partners in the development of the NWA-project

“This Is Me. Visual Manifestations of Personal and Collective Identities and the Heraldic Imagination, 1500-1800”, a pre-proposal of which we hope to submit in the course of 2020.


This Matchmaking event has the following aims:


Planning of research project and outreach activities

Consortium formation

Preparations for a digital platform



Dr Marika Keblusek



Organisator: leiden