11 april 2019, Vanaf 09.30 uur

Aanmelden kan bij Hilda.bakmaz@Inholland.nl. Voor vragen: Joke.Hermes@inholland.nl of Karel.Koch@inholland.nl.

The Public professionals and Inclusive Communication – matchmaking event brings togethers academic and societal partners who have a common interest in an NWA research subsidy. The event focuses on the needs and ideas of public organizations who have concerns regarding their communication with (various groups of) citizens. They all feel that ‘inclusive communication’ should be their goal and their tool. Pilot research shows this to be a strong route from the perspective of societal resilience and citizen empowerment. Instead of confining citizens to the role of ‘end-users’, it allows for them to participate in designing solutions and ways of working. Pilot research outcomes also show that inclusive communication requires a radical change in established professional communication practice, both by designated communication professionals in public organisations and by the other professionals in the organisation (many have contact with ‘the public’). The matchmaking event will be used (1) to discuss the implications of using inclusive communication as a benchmark for all professional contacts with the public and for the communication policy of public organizations. (2) Collectively a definition will be tooled to serve the purposes, needs and possibilities of the partners. (3) Initial research questions and cases will be selected, including trajectories to implement results. This will allow the public organisation partners to benefit in the shortest possible time from any and all results. (4) All prospective partners will be asked to commit to the project by becoming co-researchers in inclusive communication research and implementation in the organisation of one of the other partners. (5) Using the focus gained, reflecting on the outcome of the day will also be used to identify further research and work field partners to be asked to join in the project.

Organisator: Amsterdam