20 maart 2020

This matchmaking event is intended to act as a springboard for the formation of an NWA research consortium that will examine the role of social workers in creating resilient societies. In the context of the participatiesamenleving and ongoing welfare reforms, an increasing number of tasks are delegated to ‘society’, with local social networks expected to provide assistance and care in lieu of the welfare state. The task of facilitating and helping shape such caring, resilient communities falls to social workers. Correspondingly, in the field of social work, there is a growing emphasis on the responsibility of social workers to facilitate community building and enhance social cohesion. Policy makers have high expectations of activating, empowering policies and approaches, which leaves social work with a rather daunting task.

This project aims to bring together academics, lecturers, policy officials, practitioners and social entrepreneurs to examine how social workers go about this task, asking how they work with and on social relations to reform and strengthen the social fabric and activate target groups and target communities. Special attention will be given to the diversification of society, and to the questions with respect to equal access to services and equal participation this generates. Rather than merely documenting ‘what works’, this project seeks to more fundamentally explore the social worlds that social workers engage, how they understand and position themselves in these social worlds and how they try to influence and shape them. Innovative insights are expected from a combination of ethnographic research on social work practices, action research with practitioners and social entrepreneurs, and comparative research on social work practices in select European countries

You can register for this event by sending an email to Michelle.bax@inholland.nl

Organisator: Amsterdam