9 april 2020, 13:00 – 17:00 uur

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  1. Learning from the past & reflecting on current impact evaluation practices: the meet-up invites various stakeholders to reflect upon impact evaluation by discussing common approaches, dilemma’s and main challenges in the daily practice of monitoring, evaluation and learning. Two case studies will be presented for this purpose. Furthermore the meeting facilitates mutual exchange about learned lessons and good practice examples to inform the new Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Strategic Partnership programs.
  2. Looking ahead – what does optimizing impact (evaluation) for inclusive sustainable development require?
    A second part of the meet-up will consist of several pitches – in a TEDX set up – in which researchers from a broad range of disciplines briefly share their ideas. What are state-of-the-art approaches and ideas to impact evaluation within academia? The meet-up aims at defining knowledge gaps and identifying opportunities for joint efforts (science, policy and practice) in order to optimize impact evaluation for inclusive sustainable development.
Organisator: Utrecht