16 december 2020, 5-9pm CET / GMT +1 (The Netherlands) 7-11pm EAT / GMT +3 (Tanzania) 1-5pm SRT / GMT -3 (Suriname)
Locatie: Zoom

December 16, 2020, via ZOOM
5-9pm CET / GMT +1 (The Netherlands)
7-11pm EAT / GMT +3 (Tanzania)
1-5pm SRT / GMT -3 (Suriname)

To achieve SDG 3 ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’, effective health
interventions are needed. Co-creation of interventions has recently become a key concept in
delivering effective and sustainable local solutions.

The aim of this meeting is to discuss co-creation of maternal and child health interventions:

What is co-creation of interventions and why is it important?
What are the key ingredients and challenges in co-creation?
How do we incorporate co-creation in maternal health research?
What are good practice examples of co-creation?

This meeting facilitates conversations between e.g. practitioners, policymakers and researchers
from around the world through plenary and group discussions.
Some of our distinguished speakers are: Jos van Roosmalen (Athena Institute, VU University,
Amsterdam), Maria Codina (Share-Net international), Rieke van der Graaf (UMC Utrecht), and Tarek Meguid (Village Health Works, Burundi).

This symposium is connected to 3 PhD ceremonies on December 17, 2020:
Natasha Housseine, 11AM CET
Lachmi Kodan, 1.45PM CET
Kim Verschueren, 2.30PM CET

For more information and registration, use this link.

Matchmaking event: Co-creation of interventions for improving maternal and newborn health

Time Topic
17:00-17:10 Welcome and introduction of symposium Marcus Rijken, Joyce Browne
17:10-18:15 Plenary sessions
17:10-17:25 Challenges with traditional (top-down) approaches to maternal and newborn care improvement strategies and why we need to learn from emerging strategies Jos van Roosmalen
17:25-17:40 Co-creation of health interventions Maria Codina, Share-Net International
17:45-18:00 The human rights lens for maternal health care and research Tarek Meguid
18:00-18:15 Equitable partnerships in maternal health research Rieke van der Graaf
18:15-18:40 Break (bring-your-own-dinner for online participants ☺)
18.40-18.45 Co-creation in maternal and newborn care: good practice examples, three PhDs Marcus Rijken, Joyce Browne
18:45-19:00 Quality improvement of foetal monitoring and intrapartum care in high-volume, low-resource maternity units Natasha Housseine
19.00-19:20Reducing perinatal and maternal mortality and morbidity bottomup: the Suriname experienceLachmi Kodan/ KimVerschueren
19:20-19:30 Discussion: Natasha/Lachmi/Kim Moderator: Kitty Bloemenkamp
19:35-20:05 Parallel Break-out sessions (group discussions)
20:05 -20:40 Plenary discussion of key messages of the break out groups Joyce Browne, Marcus Rijken
20:40-20:55 Closing remarks/take home messages Joyce Browne

For more information and registration, use this link.

Organisator: Utrecht