Providing direction
The excellent position of Dutch research can be further strengthened by combining forces and making strategic choices. The Dutch government aims to mobilize scientific forces to better face societal challenges and create economic opportunities. To realise this the Knowledge Coalition was commissioned to develop a National Research Agenda.

Consolidating connections and strengths
The Dutch National Research Agenda encourages collaboration, creativity and innovation; it builds bridges between different parties and sectors.

“Every matter included in the National Research Agenda should be important, but not every important matter must be included in the National Research Agenda”.

The Agenda is not meant to be a comprehensive agenda for research across the board. It focuses specifically on interdisciplinary and multisector challenges. It aims to generate more synergy in research as a whole and augment the consistency, efficiency and impact of Dutch research.

Translating into existing policy 
To point the way for Dutch research, the Dutch National Research Agenda must function as a reliable compass for refining existing agendas. In the short and medium term, the Dutch National Research Agenda will be used to identify and compare key issues addressed by the Dutch knowledge driven institutions, it will determine the direction that Dutch scientific research will develop in, and ultimately lead to large-scale research investments.

The National Research Agenda must adapt and evolve with trends in science and research. It is thus important to keep the Agenda up to date in order to continue to anticipate new developments, as well as, maintain the momentum and support that has been generated for the Agenda thus far.
The agenda will be renewed every seven years.