5 april 2022

Deadline for expression of interest: 24 April

The NWA Route 23 Initiative Group aims to set up three small co-creation projects to investigate and define collaborative research with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), based on equality, joint interests and optimally using innovation leap-frogging potential of the Majority World.

The deadline for a complete proposal is 10 May 2022, for the specific NWO call for NWA Routes, meant specifically to further support and develop the Dutch research community, who are currently connected to Route 23 or have the ambition to do so.

The overall goal of the projects will be to define how we can strengthen lasting research and development collaborations with partners in the Majority World. We will do this in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders, from LMICs (e.g. academic, NGOs, industry, government etc.), especially from e.g. Africa / South-East Asia / Central America and from the Netherlands. We intend to connect the many existing – often bilateral Dutch – LMIC research collaborations and create one International, Interdisciplinary and Inter-sectoral (or Triple I) community that works together on addressing Sustainable Development Goals that benefit us all, globally.

At this moment, we foresee that further detailing and research is necessary on three topics, for which three of our Steering Group members stepped forward as coordinator. We are looking for 2-4 fellow researchers willing to take part in the coordinating teams of the subtopics. All subprojects will perform research (e.g. literature studies, dialogues, interviews etc.) and deliver outputs such as scientific papers, guidelines, manuals, agenda etc.

Sub-topic 1: Justice and equality in research (coordinated by Prof. Joyeeta Gupta – UvA) How can we collaborate on equal footing as researchers from contexts that differ so much,

considering research and travel budget, facilities, culture and scientific experience? How can we ensure joint publishing and promote open access publishing? Also, what research topics should be addressed, concerning equality (connection with subtopic 3)? For example, should LMICs stop using fossil fuels at the same time as Western societies or should the latter stop first?

Sub-topic 2: Innovation in LMICs (coordinated by Prof. Peter Knorringa – ISS/EUR)

Developing new concepts from prototypes/experiments into new products, services and procedures, actually being used in LMICs requires different approaches than in the Netherlands. Legislation, ISO procedures but also the supply chain context and existing infrastructure is very different. How can we ensure safe and ethical experimentation in both settings and make use of leap-frogging opportunities in LMICs simultaneously? Can we define relevant guidelines for our research activities based on existing protocols and insights that we will bring to the table together?

Sub-topic 3: Joint Research Agenda (coordinated by Prof. Jacqueline Broerse – VU)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals cover a very wide range of topics and sub-targets. Some of them both match with our academic expertise and relevance for the Majority World. In a dialogue of Dutch & LMIC academics and non-academics we aim to shape an operational R&D agenda for the NWA Route in the coming years.

For the various subtopics we are looking for 2-4 researchers who want to think along in the proposal phase and work with us during the execution phase on these topics. Total budget for the entire programme will be 300 k€, including research costs (staff), organizing of events and (international) travel.

We are looking for research staff from all disciplinary backgrounds at Dutch academic institutes and / or TO2 or KNAW institutes with ample experience in working with LMICs. Due to the tight deadline, we have a very simple selection process.

  • Before 30 April the NWA initiative will decide on the teams’ compositions. This decision will be based on diversity of represented disciplines, overall participation of as many universities as possible, experience with LMICs, and scientific innovation.
  • Deadline for finalizing the 2 pager sub-topic description is 5 May (so you should be available in that week for at least one online session and working together on the proposal remotely).

Feel free to share this call with relevant colleagues in your network.

For information, please contact Prof. Nick van de Giesen N.C.vandeGiesen@tudelft.nl – Chair NWA Route 23 or Roel Kamerling, MSc r.kamerling@tudelft.nl (support)

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